Atomic Habits book review, summary and lessons

If you have any interest in productivity and self development, chances as you will have heard of this book before. I've seen this book absolutely everywhere for the last year, and almost all of the takeaways being positive. I've been meaning to read it for a while so I decided to make it my first… Continue reading Atomic Habits book review, summary and lessons

10 healthy habits to start in 2021

A new year is a perfect opportunity to start placing new habits into your life. You may have set a goal relating to a certain habit, such as running, or like me, you may have set goals relating to keeping up routines or learning how to stick to habits. Either way, finding new healthy habits… Continue reading 10 healthy habits to start in 2021

2020 reflection journal prompts

2020, which has been quite possibly the weirdest year most people have ever been through, is finally coming to an end. for some this has been the worst year, and for others it may have been one of the best. for me personally i would say 2020 has been the year where i fully discovered… Continue reading 2020 reflection journal prompts