Top 5 health and self development podcasts

I usually do a book post every Monday but I’ve had such a slow reading month that I only finished my second book earlier today, so I didn’t really have anything to write about! I have just finished an amazing book called the happiness advantage by Shawn Anchor, which I loved and all the statistics were amazing to me, but I haven’t had time to collect and organise my thoughts on that yet, so a post on that will potentially be coming up on Friday or Monday!

On to todays topic: podcasts! I discovered podcasts properly during the first lockdown ( march 2020) and I haven’t turned back since. I have quite a lot of traveling in my life, like walking to the bus stop, bus to college, walking to work, walking to friends houses, walking my dog- I’m sure you get the idea but what I’m saying is, I have at least a few hours of some sort of travelling everyday. In these times I used to listen to music constantly, but now I ONLY listen to podcasts! If you asked me what type of music I listen to I honestly couldn’t tell you, because I don’t think I’ve opened the Spotify app in months! Podcasts have become my holy grail and have become so intergrated in my life. During the lockdowns I genuinely think the reason I haven’t felt lonely is because I constantly have someone speaking out my phone, in a weird sort of way I think it fulfils my introverted interaction needs of the day. I’m sure all you extroverts are sitting there utterly confused but I’m sure other introverts relate haha. I’m in no way saying podcasts replace my need for social interaction but, they make me feel like I’m listening to someone in a conversation.

I listen to such a wide range of podcasts. Lifestyle, chatty, health, spirituality, politics- you name it and I’ll give you a podcast recommendation for that genre, but one of my favourite categories is self development podcasts, it’s what got me into them in the first place. I’ve tried to include a good mix of different types of self development pods, I’ve got a few physical health, mental health, a more spiritual/life advice one, and a life improvement/ productivity one. If you’ve got any good podcast recommendations, be sure to comment them below as I love finding a new podcast.

Optimal Living daily

Wow, these podcasts are literally everything! I think they would suit absolutely everyone! Optimal living daily is a podcast that is released daily ( duh) in small, bitesize episodes that are never longer than 10 minutes! These are perfect for those short trips where you just need a boost of information, or if you are new to podcasts and you find them hard to listen to. The whole concept is that each day they read out a blog post or a piece of work by someone relating to a topic, this is interesting as you get a whole chunk of different opinions and viewpoints throughout the week, and no post is every the same. A few of the recent episodes titles are: how to get motivated, calming anxiety, resillience, choices and self doubt. They are nice, little, daily injections of self development into your life. Additionally, you can listen to different versions of their podcasts; there is optimal start up daily ( for enterprenurs) optimal finance daily, optimal living advice, and a couple more I haven’t subscribed to!

The food medic

This podcast clearly centers around food, but it focuses on living a healthy lifestyle. This is no diet podcast don’t worry, I despise diet culture and wouldn’t promote that type of thing. Some of their recent episodes are: How to sleep better, IBS and probiotics, weightlifting and sports nutrition and plant based athlete. There are also episodes about her life as a junior doctor and the relaity of that, and other ones about female health and anatomy. I love these as I find they are just the right mix of science and chat, they are light hearted listens but also very factual!

Acting my age

This is a more spiritual one out of the bunch, and it is only getting more spiritual as the episodes go on, so if that isn’t your type of thing, best to skip this one! Rohini is such an amazing, optimistic, lovely girl and you can really hear this through her episodes! She chats each week on different topics, sometimes with solo episodes, sometimes with guests, and I find she gives great advice on all different areas of life, from relationships to your future to personal growth and much more! She has some great episodes with my favourite youtubers, Nayna Florence and Moya Mawhinney, called ‘gal chats‘ which I loved! Overall I’d recommend this one if you are more into the more spiritual personal development side of things- as well as if you just love hearing someone have a nice chat!

Feel better, live more

I’ve only recently started listening to this one, a friend recommended it to me a few weeks back, but I am loving it! Very scientific which I enjoy as it is slightly different to anything I’ve listened to before, but all the science is things that can be applied to your personal life. This pod focuses around all things health, from physical to mental. Some recent episodes are about brain health, walking, approaching food, running and values. I have been bingeing these episodes in my bus journeys atm- I’m loving them! They also sometimes do little bitesize episodes that are only 10 minutes, which are nice snippets if you have less time.

Owning it, the anxiety podcast

Another recent find, but still one of my favourties and one I’d definitely recommend! If you are interested/ relate to anxiety, check out my previous post How I manage my anxiety , it was quite personal and I shared the tips I use to make living with anxiety more memorable. This podcast dives deep into all things anxiety related, and I genuinely think it is helping me understand my own anxiety better, and I’ve seen similar reviews as well! Some of their recent podcast titles are: self worth, men’s mental health, harnessing the anxious voice in your head and the vulnerability paradox– I’m especially excited to learn about that last one. As I have only been listening for a short while I am not going to bother claiming this is ‘life changing’ or revolutionary, but it is helping me understand my anxiety abit better and who knows, maybe long term it can help me harness techniques to reduce my anxiety!

That was my top 5 health and self development podcast recommendations for you. I’d really recommend listening to these, especially the optimal living daily one if you are a podcast newbie! If you have any recommendations of podcasts you like ( any genre!) be sure to let me know as I love nothing more than discovering a new podcast haha!

Mia 🙂

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing this. I’ve been looking for recommendations on self development podcasts for ages! I think I’ll start with Owning It- I love reading anything and everything to do with anxiety so this podcast looks perfect for me.

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