How to organise your life: to do lists

To do lists are an essential, weather they are just a scrap piece of paper you jot down things on, or a full organised system ( like me haha) they are very useful. I want to do a whole organising series here on the blog, I started with my previous post How to spring clean every area of your life (with free tracker) , and I’ve got a few more different posts coming along these themes. To me the start of spring signifies a refresh, which I’m sure everyone is in dire need of right now, especially after the past year we’ve been through! Don’t worry, I am not going to just be posting organising content, although I know 2 posts this week have been about it, it is just a theme of my life at the moment as we begin to start transitioning out of lockdown. Some of this may seem obsessive and to be honest, it kind of is, but I use organising as a coping mechanism to keep me calm and feeling like I’m in control ( anxiety things ha) and I think it is quite a healthy coping mechanism, to an extent, so I’m just riding with it.

Today I am going to discuss different types of to do lists I use to help keep my life productive and organised, I go slightly overboard but I LOVEEE the feeling of ticking off things I’ve done, it makes me feel productive and accomplished! This system also helps me maintain habits and reminds me of things I’m trying to implement into my life, and it has proved quite helpful. To me, feeling accomplished in a day spurs me on and makes me more productive, so although it sounds funny to have simple tasks such as ‘make my bed’ on your task list, once you start ticking off small things you’ll be more likely to actually make a start on the big things you actually need to do!

type one: ritual to do’s

I have always struggled to maintain habits for more than a week, but this system helps me keep on track of habits, especially if they are not daily habits, which has been great for me. If you’re interested in habit building see my post Atomic Habits book review, summary and lessons , it includes some key lessons in building habits.

I have my daily to dos which are consistent across all days. This is not for random tasks, this is to remind myself that I need to do yoga daily, or I need to journal. It serves as a checklist I can refer back to daily to see if I’ve done all my daily habits. I don’t actually tick this one off, I just have it stuck to my bathroom wall so I am reminded of my daily habits and rituals. A variation of this I have been using is my weekly/monthly to do list. I print out a week/month calendar and I write down all my habits and to dos that occur on specific days. I’ll go though and mark what days I’m washing my hair, what days I am going on a run, what days I am writing my blog content, all of that stuff that are habitual, but don’t need to be on your daily to do. I use these calendars to mark off events as well, but I’m not going anywhere at the moment so this hasn’t been needed.

TYPE TWO: daily to do’s, schedule

A classic one, one most of you probably use. Self explanatory but I have my daily to do list on my notion to serve as a schedule for my day. This is separate to the one mentioned before as this is specific to the actual day. For example if you have a certain assignment you’ve got to complete that day, or if you need to go pick something up, that kind of thing. I’ll show what my daily to do list looks like below, I do normally do this on slightly busier days, not always.


This category fits everything else in. This is for the general to do’s (duh) that don’t fit anywhere else. They are tasks you need to complete but don’t have a time limit or specific day, they are just kind of things you intend on doing, like organising your desk or arranging coffee with a friend. Whenever I have a more ‘admin’ day I tend to go through my general to do list and check things off. I put these to do’s in my master to do list that covers all different areas of my life, I’ve included a free printable below for you to download and print out.

It might seem very extreme to have 3 different types of to do lists, and I wouldn’t disagree, but it keeps me organised and on top of things, and it has really helped me maintain my habits recently. I’ve been loving the month layout with to do’s in like I discussed in the first bit, as I can see very clearly what days I have to do what, and it reminds me to do less frequent habits, like a run or what days I am washing my hair. I don’t always use these systems as sometimes I don’t need a list of to do’s at all because I’m doing nothing, but when I am busy it helps keep me productive and decreases the chances of me being over whelmed.

I’m trying out a new feature image style today because I want to build cohesive branding across this blog, so lmk what you think! Thanks for reading, have a nice Friday!


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