How to spring clean every area of your life (with free tracker)

Spring is coming ( thank fuck) and along with Spring often comes the urge to spring clean and organise your life. Personally, I’m quite excited to do a good spring clean in all areas of my life and give myself a reset for coming out of lockdown and beginning ‘normal’ life again. The weather has been starting to brighten up, it’s actually been quite sunny this past few weeks, and I do feel like that has lifted my mood, the same goes for most of the people I’ve spoken to as well! I’m feeling abit more motivated and lighter with some hope for this summer, even if I abit scared of coming out of lockdown.

I’ve decided to give myself a spring cleaning challenge, I am going to clean out 10 areas of my life over the rest of March and maybe early April. I’m going to share this challenge with you so you can do a big spring clean along with me, I’ve included some printables below to help you keep track of your spring clean and reset challenge, along with my 10 areas, as well as a blank copy if you want to change the areas around! Here are my ten areas I’m doing:

  1. my clothes
  2. makeup
  3. books
  4. stationary
  5. digital declutter
  6. academic
  7. inbox
  8. physically clean your environment
  9. goals
  10. junk drawer


Self explanitory but I’m going to be cleaning out all my clothes. I do this multiple times a year but I still seem to have an abundance of clothes! I feel like this is the big area of the whole ‘spring clean’ vibe, it’s what most people associate with a spring clean I’d say. I’ve made a mental note to go through my sock drawer as I feel like I always struggle to find matching pairs, random but I feel like people will relate. I also feel like alot of my clothes don’t make me feel good or comfortable, I have only a select few items that make me feel confident which is not good- I need to get rid of the items that make me feel bad as they aren’t doing anything for me. What’s the point in holding onto items that make me feel like shit?


Again, self explanitry but I am in need of a makeup clearout. I was one of those 14 year old girls who was obsessed with Zoella and all the other youtubers, meaning I bought a fuck ton of makeup I did not need. Zoella told me I needed an autumnal lipstick, so I, 14, went out and bought a deep purple/red rimmel lipstick. I remember my mum being horrified at it haha. I’ve since thrown this away but I clearly jumped on alot of the trends youtubers suggested, meaning I do have lots of old makeup I have never used. I also haven’t worn makeup all lockdown so most of it is probably expired haha!


I need to go through all my books on my shelf and find ones I’ll don’t think I’ll read again so I can take them to charity shops when they open. A basic one but there is no point in keeping books I won’t read again so!


I feel like this is an area that is so neglected when cleaning and organising your life but can really help declutter a space. The amount of biros, gel pens, sharpies, felt tips and pencils I have lying around in my desk cupboards is ridiculous, it is so cluttered and I always make a note to sort through them and never do. I must have so many highlighters and pens that don’t work/hardly work but I’ve just left them in pots to sort out later. I’ve currently got all of these variations of pens in Ikea scura pots ( Idk how to spell them but once again, 2015 youtube fans will know) but they are jampacked and it’s too tight to even get pens in and out of. I am planning to go through and throw away any stuff that doesn’t work or I don’t need, and try and get my pens to fit into a cute mason jar, as i only need a handful of pens anyway- the last time I picked up those gel pens must be AT LEAST 4 years ago ha!

Digital de-clutter

An area often forgotten when thinking about a spring clean, but we spend so much time on our technology it seems obvious that we need to clear that out every once in a while-I’m sure a few of you will relate to that ‘icloud storage too full’ notification bugging you daily. I am going to begin with my camera roll, I’ll maybe transfer some videos to my laptop so I can free up space on my phone, because I have so many clips filmed of my everyday life when I go through phases of wanting to be a youtuber haha! They are little aesthetic clips that would make a cute montage if I did ever decide to start youtube, so I don’t want to delete them but they take up wayyy too much storage on my phone. I’m then going to do apps, clearing up my brower, organising files on my computer and I want to develop a system where I can get to anywhere I need on my laptop quickly, some sort of quick links hub, perhaps I’ll experiment on notion for this one. I’m starting to sound like I’m being sponsored by notion after my past few posts!


Weather you work on paper, online or a combination of both, the chances are you have a messy, unorganised notes system. I take notes in class on paper and then transfer them to notion online after but I sometimes forget to throw away the paper notes, and thus a big, unorganised pile tends to build up. I also find handouts everywhere in my room, like worksheets I never filed, so I am going to go through and either dispose of these random papers or organise them in files. I am going to throw away any of the notes I don’t need and clear out my files to make sure they contain the stuff I actually need, not some crumped worksheet that was sat in the bottom of my bag.


I subscribe to so many things, and get emails from so many websites ( promotional emails not them contacting me haha) that my email inbox is always full. even if I check my email multiple times a day, over the years of having my email account I’ve collected a vast amount of unread emails that I can’t scroll down enough to click read. I am going to go through these and click unsubscribe on emails I don’t need to see ( pretty little thing I am talking to you) so that I have time to actually sit and digest the email lists I do want to be signed up to.

Physically clean environment

An obvious essential for a spring clean. Some people enjoy cleaning and others think it is the worst thing in the world, I don’t really think there is an inbetween! I am going to clean my whole room and bathroom, doing a deeper clean than I usually do each week, to make sure my room is spotless. I recently moved around my bookshelf and there was so much dust collecting behind there so I’m going to go back and deep clean that area! Whilst doing your clothes decluttering you could combine it with this and clean out your cupboards, as it never crosses my mind to clean inside my wardrobe, I’m not sure if that’s normal or not? I’m also going to clean all my mirrors and my keyboard!


It is March now meaning chances are your ‘new year new me’ goals have probably worn off now! Or not, I guess it depends on how motivated and diciplined you are! Each month I tend to set LOADS of goals for that month, and you already know I don’t complete them all! Slight side note, I’m thinking about starting a monthly post where I discuss what my goals for the month are and then reasses at the end to see if I actually completed them! I feel like it could be quite fun to read about, and I feel like it would normalise failure abit because I think there is such a stigma around failing a goal. Anyway, I am going to go through my goals for 2021 and my March goals, and cut them all down. I want to streamline my goals to end up with maybe 3 main goals for each month, maybe even less. I always set a stupid amount of goals just for the sake of setting goals, when it would be more productive to just set 3 main goals for the month to focus on, and actually have a shot at achieving. I’m all for setting lots of little goals and habits, but this month I think I need to streamline my goals and outline my main focus. For example, instead of having multiple blog goals I could slim these down to one main focus, this could be staying consistent with it. Before I may have had a follower count goal, with a number of posts goal and all of that, but staying consistent kind of sums that all up and makes it easier to aim towards, as if I stay consistent my blog is inevitably going to expand in the long run. Streamline your goals so that you can have 3 main focuses you can recall at any point, maybe even stick them up on your wall so you maintain direction. This also might bring more clarity to your life.

Junk Drawer

Everyone has it, that one drawer/cupboard that is just where everything that doesn’t have a place goes. This is your reminder to sort this out! My junk drawer is filled with shit I convince myself I am going to need some day, I need to be ruthless and if I haven’t used it at least twice in the past year, it’s out.

That was my post for today! I’m quite excited for my spring clean as I feel like once I clean out all these 10 areas of my life I can feel refreshed and reset. I am feeling abit stuck in life right now so I’d like a good refresh of my environment to help get me back on track ( you may also like: How to get out of a rut, get your life back on track )

Thanks for reading, let me know your thoughts! The printables are linked down below for you to track your own challenge!


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