January reading wrap up

I can’t believe January is already over. I feel like it went past so quick but, also at the same time dragged. I guess it’s the same as everything at the moment, a bit confusing and unsure. To me it has not felt like January is meant to feel like, all energised and productive, but quite down and dark. I suppose everyone is feeling this at the moment with lockdown and winter blues, so I’m not too bothered about it. However, this has given me quite a bit of time to sit inside and read, so I’ve read a total of 6 books this month. More than expected- I might even have to up my Goodreads goal of 50! Have you set a Goodreads goal this year? ( if you want to check my goodreads out here is my account i started this Jan https://www.goodreads.com/?ref=nav_home )

Book one: Good vibes, Good life

I honestly do have a mixed view of this! It was a good book, written well and I enjoyed the feel of it, and in addition it is an extremely accessible read. The information provided in the book is very entry level into all things self love, spirituality and manifestation so I would recommend if you are just starting to learn about all of this. However, as I have been listening to podcasts, videos and reading all about these topics for a while now, I found this book offered nothing new. This is not me saying it was a bad book, I still rated it 3.5 stars, it was just more of a starting point into these topics. Great book for base level knowledge on manifesting, laws of the universe, vibes and self love, includes some of his own experience to make the concepts relatable and easier to understand.

Book two: The boy, the mole, the fox and the horse

This book is a quick story, with lots of deep messages and beautiful illustrations. It was a lovely, cute read. Definitely a cute gift for someone- it’s so heartwarming. After I finished I spent ages flicking through the illustrations again as they were wonderful. This is the sort of book I’d pick up on a down afternoon when I need something to read that’s low effort and warming.

Book three: Before the coffee gets cold

This magical realism novel is such a lovely concept, a old Japanese time travel cafe where you can only travel to a set of rules. But there is one thing different than traditional time travel stories- the past cannot change. I really enjoyed this book once I got into it. It consists of 3 different stories with the same characters, same setting, but each story in its own was emotional and thought provoking. I have seen very mixed reviews of this book but for me I loved it- I would call it beautiful, very different to anything I’ve ever read before!

Book four: The rearranged life of Oona Lockheart

I LOVED this book! It still sometimes crosses my mind, a few weeks after reading. I thought it was a new, exciting concept where every year, Oona ages normally on the inside, but on the outside she is transported to a different, random year in her life, where she has no knowledge of who is her friend, and even in one case who is her husband! For example, one year when she is 19 on the inside, she is transported to her 50th year in her life. Her timeline she experiences is all rearranged! Check out the Goodreads description if you want to know more, it’s quite a confusing concept to explain! I just thought it was a great, fun read and would recommend to anyone.

Book five: The Vanishing Half

In this book we follow the story of two Black twins, but so light skinned they can pass for white. When starting a new life, they separate, and go on living completely different lives, one living as a white women with a seemingly perfect life, and one struggling in an abusive marriage. Although not much happens in the plot, it is a character driven book, which I didn’t mind because it was nicely written. If someone were to ask me for my recent recomendations this book wouldn’t spring to mind but, nevertheless I did enjoy it and I thought it delved into some really important topics: race, colourism, motherhood, relationships and family connections. It was slow to start and no properly exciting plot but overall i would still rate a 4/5 because I did think it was written very well, hence why she won the Goodreads historical fiction award in 2020!

Book six: The Little Book of Hygee

The second non-fiction read of the month- and a really good one too! Whilst I read this on kindle ( because it was on sale for 99p!) I may actually buy the paper version, for quick referring back to when I feel in need of some Hygee! If you haven’t heard of the concept of Hygee before, this book explains it perfectly, with giving you some examples, some statistics and activity ideas to maximize it! Attempting to sum up the whole concept in a sentence, Hygee is a feeling, a concept the Danes use to live happily- or at least more happily than the rest of the world! Hygee is warmth, it is coziness, laughing with friends, all those good vibes activities and feelings you get. It’s hard to explain in short as there is no direct translation to English but Hygee is the Danish secret to living a happier life, it’s definitely worth looking into as a concept! As I hadn’t read much into the concept, this book was a perfect guide, and definitely something I’d refer back to when feeling down.

Current read: All girls , expected publication: Feb 16th

This book was kindly given to me by NetGally in exchange for an honest review. I am around 30% through at the moment so obviously no full review yet but I am enjoying for far! It is based in a girls boarding school in New England, focused around a few girls experiencing their first year at the school. However, it’s no normal year as it is in the midst of a scandal, an accusation against a school teacher from a previous student. as the months go on, the school can no longer keep the scandal under wraps, and the girls have to navigate themselves through the situation, discovering themselves along the way. Although I am not far in yet, I am enjoying the writing style and the vibes, and I will be posting a review in February once it has been released and it becomes available for people to buy.

So that was my book round up of the month! Overall my favorite book of the month has got to the The rearranged life of Oona Lockheart! Would definitely recommend! This was quite a successful reading month as if i carry on with 5/6 books a month I will go way past my GoodReads target so we will see how next month goes reading wise! I enjoyed writing this post so I think it will for sure become a monthly ritual, as well as potentially a separate/ linked blog post doing a monthly roundup more generally, such as podcasts/ series. (I am unsure if I would be doing the more general monthly round up in a different post to my book one as they may have a slightly different episode but we will see nearer the end of Feb!)

Hope you enjoyed this post and hopefully got some TBR inspiration! Let me know if you’ve been reading anything good- I’d love to hear!

Mia x

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