Best self development Youtubers, academic, productivity and wellness

Youtube is my go to place to get inspiration for productivity and lifestyle. With so many different creators and ideas, I find myself bingeing these types of videos daily, so I’d say I’ve got a feel for the people who I listen to the most. In this post is a collection of my favourite youtubers who I watch, and which ones I’d recommend for what. I’ve included creators from the productivity, academic, wellness and organising niches, so take your pick of which section you want to explore


My favourite productivity youtubers are two you probably have heard of before Ali Abdall and Matt D’Vella . If you have ever browsed productivity tips you will have most likely come across one of these two. Both their content is fairly similiar vibes but they both have their own thing. Matt tends to focus on challenges, such as ‘i used a flip phone for 30 days’ and he also has a focus on minimalism which i find interesting. Ali does interesting videos about productivity tips and how to maximise your time to get as much as possible done and to achieve your goals. If you have a quick look at his channel ( click on his name above and it will take you to his channel) you’ll see his channel is a productivity hub- perfect for when you need to get out of a rut or find some inspiration to be productive.

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Ruby Granger is my go to if i need to get in an academic mood! She is so passionate about learning and it is inspiring and motivates me! She does day in the life study vlogs and her study tips. She also sometimes does live study with me videos which is great as studying whilst someone else ( even just on a screen) studies at the same time can hold you accountable and motivate you. her videos are great for this because lets face it, we won’t be studying with other people near us any time soon! For academic systems I will once again mention Ali Abdall, his study tips video has honestly changed my life as it has set up my whole way of revising. His method of revision he shows is the most successful method I’ve ever tried when revising content. It is the definition of studying harder not smarter. I first found this video when revising for my GCSE’s and my grades went from 5-6’s to almost all 8’s in the space of a few months. click HERE to watch his video on this- I’d really really recommend it if you struggle to revise. Another top academic youtuber I love is studyquill! She is great at giving study advice and doing study with me’s, as well as posting some bullet journaling and stationary videos!

Wellness and organising

The best youtuber I have discovered for self development and general wellness is for sure Rowena Tsai . Her weekly videos inspire me so much and her recent series of how to un-potato your life is something that is especially important and relevant to everyone right now, especially with all of this lockdown and isolation. she focuses on motivation, changing your life, mental health and all other things wellness. I’d seriously recommend her channel! I also love MuchelleB, she’s all about self care and organisation of your life as well as habits and routines.

To sum it up these are the people I mentioned:

Ali Abdall –

Matt D’Avella –

Ruby Granger –

Study Quill –

Rowena Tsai –

MuchelleB –

So there it is, my best youtubers for all things personal development! I’d love it if you checked them out and told me your thoughts! If you have any more suggestions for self development related youtube, let me know in the comments- I’d love to try some different people! I may also do another one of these posts but do it about podcasts, and then another one about books once I’ve read and researched more books surrounding this topic.

Thanks for reading 🙂

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