25 day wellness and self improvement challenge

25 day wellness challenge

Today I’ve got a 25 day wellness challenge for you all! This challenge includes 1 little thing you can do everyday, easily trackable with the sheet I’ve included that you can download! All these activities are simple, fairly quick ones, but hopefully they can be nice parts of your day, and potentially even something to look forward to, as if you are in lockdown like me, the days sometimes drag with no purpose. There is no particular order you have to complete these in ( excluding the last one which is reflecting on the last 25 days) so it can be flexible to your schedule and you can pick one that excites you the most each day. You can choose to start this now, or hold off until the start of February to start a new challenge with a new month. If you want to take part in this challenge, download and print the sheet below so you can cross off each day!

Although it’s all in the sheet, I thought I’d quickly share the basics of what each prompt means to me, but feel free to interpret them in anyway you wish. ( remember these are in no particular order so you don’t have to follow the 1-25)

  1. write all your morning and evening routines out, so you can easily refer to them when you are trying to implement the habits of a nice routine. Writing out what you want to include in your morning and evening routines can make all the difference in how good your day feels and how quickly you can shut off your brain to sleep in the evenings.
  2. Yoga. You probably expected this one but if you’ve never tried yoga before then trust me- try it! It doesn’t have to be long, it can be a quick 10 minute session in the morning (like this one https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JyaM87ecKd0 ) or if you are familiar with yoga, maybe a 30 minute flow!
  3. 20-minute journal. this could be either a stream of consciousness if something is on your mind, or a combination of prompts from Pinterest. either way, set a timer for 20 minutes and journal. I would recommend this either when you first wake up, or as a wind down activity before bed.
  4. create a vision board. This one is fairly self-explanatory, but it can either be printed out or just a new board on Pinterest!
  5. take a bath.
  6. go on a walk and listen to a new podcast.
  7. get out of bed an hour earlier than you usually would. obviously, this wouldn’t apply if you already get up really early like 5/6 but if it’s later than that then getting up an hour earlier could give you a chance to do something you don’t usually do, like some meditation or journaling, or maybe it will just give you an extra hour to slow down your routine before whatever your day has planned.
  8. read for an hour. Even if you love reading it can sometimes be hard to set an hour aside to read, but once you do it, you’ll wonder why you don’t do it more often! It can be hard to focus, but you only have to do it once for this challenge so I’m sure you can set aside one hour in your day.
  9. call or facetime a friend. you may not be able to meet in person at the moment, except maybe for a walk, so call a friend to catch up!
  10. Cook yourself a meal. if you normally cook for yourself, cook something different, something exciting. It could be brunch or a nice lunch or maybe dinner. Get browsing on the internet and find a new recipe to try out to mix up your day.
  11. clean out a part of your room– Marie Kondo style
  12. social media detox day. reduce your usual time on it or cut it out completely for a day.
  13. try something new. a new workout, a new Netflix series, a new book genre, or a new food, it can be anything remotely new to you, just have fun with it.
  14. buy yourself flowers.
  15. bake cookies. Doesn’t actually HAVE to be cookies but, to mix it up from the cooking yourself something prompt I thought I’d suggest something specific.
  16. paint your nails!
  17. do a meditation.
  18. no phone day. Similar to the social media detox day but this is a more general no phone day. spend some time detached from technology.
  19. do a face mask. pretty self explanitory. Chances are when you think of self care, doing a face mask will most likely pop up in your mind. Doing a face mask, although it can be something fun to do, it does not really define what self care is. Instead of viewing it as the ultimate self care activity that everyone suggests to lift you up, it’s better to view it as a start, a gesture towards taking care of yourself and your body.
  20. dance workout. mix it up from a typical work out and do something fun! just search up dance workout on YouTube and you’ll find multiple options.
  21. write a letter. To family, to a friend, or maybe even a letter to yourself.
  22. pamper evening! fill up your evening with classic ‘self care’ activities
  23. try morning pages This technique is where you write streams of consciousness as soon as you wake up in your journal. It can help to get all things on your mind out on the page before you begin your day.
  24. clean out your camera roll. A lot of pointless screenshots and random photos build up, clogging your camera roll. this task is never really one on peoples to do lists, but this is your reminder to spend 5 minutes doing it!
  25. reflect on the last 25 days. Grab your journal or a notepad and write down how this 25-day wellness challenge has affected you. Did you try anything that bought you joy? Did you discover a new activity that could become your go to self-care activity?

If you follow this challenge, not only will you feel accomplished and have done self care activities everyday for nearly a month, you will have built a habit of trying something new everyday. You will have followed a challenge everyday for 25 days, and it takes 21 days to build a habit! Perhaps you will have found something you enjoy, such as the excitement in making a new meal, and you could choose to implement this into your life- maybe monthly!

Download the checklist below to print and cross off

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