5 non-fiction books I want to read this year

Before mid last year, I hadn’t really got into reading non-fiction. Although I still prefer to read a good fiction book, occasionally a non fiction book is great, and it mixes things up. My reading goal this year is 50, and I want to make 20 of those non-fiction. I want my non-fiction reads this year to be a mix of biographies and self help books, but I plan to start off my years reading with a more self development theme. These are the first 5 non-fiction books I’ve planned to read this year, some mental health related ones as well as some self development reads.

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Atomic habits- James Clear

If you have ever watched or read anything roughly related to productivity and habit building, chances are you will have heard of this book. it is so widely talked about part of me feels like it has got to be overrated, but i will read it to find out. If you have not seen this book before, it is all about building up sustainable habits that will last and improve your life. I am excited to read this, however I almost feel like I’ve consumed all the main tips from this book through videos discussing it and people bringing out advice from it in videos. Regardless, I’m intrigued to read this hyped up book to see weather it is worth the rave, or as one of my friends said, vastly overrated.

Women don’t owe you pretty

I follow Florence Given on Instagram and I first heard discovered her when i came across some of her artwork and then discovered her book. I have heard countless good things about, infact not one single bad thing. Every review I’ve heard has raved about how awakening and revolutionary it was for them. As a strong feminist myself, I’m extremely excited to read and dive deep into the patriarchy and as many reviews have said, discover my internalized misogyny and better myself. From flicking through it this book looks like a great mix between her amazing artwork and ‘progressive feminist discussion’. it covers multiple topics from body image, misogyny, toxic beauty standards and more- basically an in-depth guide to feminism and the patriarchy!

Good vibes good life

I have listened to the audio-book version this when I tried a free trial with audible, however because I struggle to focus with audio-books, I decided I wanted to read it in paperback form. This book claims to be a guide for how to use self love to become the best, happiest version of yourself. It also touches on topics such as manifestation, which will be interesting to read about. I actually have already started reading this and I am currently having mixed feelings. The information within the book is all good, however I don’t feel like the book has developed into as much detail as i would like- but i could be wrong as i am not finished yet! From what I’ve read so far, this would be a great book for someone who is just getting into mindset changes, positivity and self love, and maybe even manifestation, but I think it lacks the depth for someone who is familiar with these topics and wants to dive deeper.

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The Anxiety solution

This is a book I picked up last year but never actually got round to reading it. I personally don’t know how much of an effect/ change a book can make on anxiety, however I am open and willing to try some of the things suggested in the book. the description of the book notes that it will provide ‘simple, practical tools’ for helping with anxiety so I am excited to work my way through the book, making note of ideas I can try. Although my anxiety is still a problem for me, I have improved it significantly through certain exercises ( I may do a post on this at a later date) and I think sometimes practical tools can be such a hit and miss. It will be interesting to see if the tools and ideas suggested in this book change anything for me. If they do, i will make sure to do a review and include in a blog post I’ve got planned about anxiety tools.

Unfuck your brain

I picked up this book in the urban outfitters sale about 2 years ago now! This book is based around anxiety, depression and trauma, explaining about the science behind it as well as some actionable tips to help you. I started reading it but i don’t really think i was ready to read it then as i had a completely different mindset then to now. From doing a quick flick through and reading various pages ( and what I can roughly remember), I am intrigued by her writing style, as it seems quite jokey, which i think is great. I am excited to read this knowing despite the book is around serious topics, such as anxiety depression and trauma, I can expect some jokes to keep things abit lighter. As with the previous book, if it has any effect on it, or if I have any interesting opinions , I’ll be sure to share.

So that was the first 5 non-fiction books I’ll be reading this year, I’ll try and slot them between some fiction so they don’t slow me down too much ( got to get working on that goodreads challenge!) Hope you enjoyed my first book related post, I’m going to be doing more book content because I’m really into book blogs/ booktube at the moment.

thanks for reading 🙂

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