Bullet journal spread ideas every student needs in their academic lives

Bullet journalling is a fun, practical thing I love doing. Although I’m not using it as my main form of planning this year life wise, I’m using it to track habits and for my college planning. bullet journalling can be great for school organisation as it’s completely flexible and adaptable to exactly what you need. It’s a great way to stay on top of things, remain organised and productive, whilst having fun creating spreads, as you can make it as arty as you want. I personally love sitting down to bullet journal with a cup of tea and some netflix! Here are my top bjo spreads for students to maximise productivity, I’ve included some examples I found online!

  • month overview
  • key events
  • assignment tracker
  • topic lists + study plan
this photo does not belong to me i found this example on Pinterest of a study plan layout
  • habit tracker
taken off Pinterest from planningwithmaggierae.com , this is an example of a good habit tracker, this one is specifically for health but it can be adapted for academic habits as well
  • mood tracker
  • weekly task dump
  • morning/ evening routine
  • sleep log
  • class schedule
  • grade tracker

3 thoughts on “Bullet journal spread ideas every student needs in their academic lives”

  1. I’m always searching for journaling tips. I’ve been journaling daily for a few years now and sometimes I think my methods grow stale. I like this idea of bullet journaling! Thanks for sharing.


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