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You may not be in lockdown like we are in the UK currently, however chances are you will have some sort of restrictions relating to school/college due to COVID. Or maybe you just have online school normally, but to most, succeeding in online classes is a-lot harder than normal, in person learning. My college has been online for a few weeks before Christmas holidays and I’m online from now on, at least until March time. So I’ve done some research and taken some of my own tips that have helped me, and compiled them into a quick 3 tips for you to maxamise productivity in online lessons. these are tips that I’ve found to be useful, tips that aren’t just don’t go on your phone ( though that is important as well!)

  1. Show up as if you are actually turning up to school/ college

I know how tempting it is to just roll out of bed and go straight to the call, especially if you can have your camera off, but this is the worst thing you can do. Getting up that extra bit early, allowing an hour or more before your call, to have a nice morning routine and prepare yourself can make all the difference in how productive your lesson is. Get dressed and do your makeup ( if you normally wear it) to make yourself feel more put together and as if you are actually heading to school. This process will give your brain some time to wake up as well as making you feel less lazy and less likely to climb straight back into bed. I am not suggesting wearing jeans ( I could never wear jeans at home!) but just getting out of your pjs can make all the difference in your mood and mindset.

2. Opening and closing ritual

Many of us have to move less than 2 meters from our beds to our desk, making it hard to separate home life from school. Create a ritual to do 10 minutes before your lesson. This could be a quick stretch, a quick quiz on previous lesson notes or maybe even getting yourself a cup of tea in a specific mug. By repeatedly doing this small ritual before your lesson, it will become a signal to your mind that you are no longer in bed, but ready to learn and focus. Try creating a ritual for after your lessons as well. Once you’ve finished your lessons or any work you need to do after, have a small habit similar to before, that’s a signal that you are out of learning mode. This is so important at the moment as for most, their bedroom is their classroom, and letting chill time run into school time, and school time run into chill time, could have bad effects. It’s small things like this that take up no time, but actually make a difference in the long run, and judging by this new lockdown, we will be in it for the long run- or at least the next few months!

3. Use your breaks wisely!

It’s easier said than done but any breaks in, or between lessons feel so much better when you aren’t just sat on your phone. Use quick breaks to make another cup of tea, get a quick snack, or do a few easy stretches to get your body moving again. As you aren’t travelling to do lessons it’s easier to spend all day sat down, so it’s really important to keep yourself moving. If you have longer breaks between lessons get outside and go for a 10 minute walk or do a yoga practice- you will really thank yourself. These activities will refresh you and will make you feel better when your break is over, wheras I find breaks with my phone are harder to come out of, as I’m still engrossed in my phone by the time the break is over, instead of being able to focus again.

It requires more effort to do well in online learning but once you’ve made the effort and got into the flow of things, they can be just as productive as your normal college/ school life. In some cases even more productive due to the spare time gained from not travelling ( or really going anywhere at all!) You’ve just got to be prepared to make extra effort and you’ve got to want to do well.

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