how to build a Sunday reset routine, my tips and tricks

Sunday, as I’m sure it is for many others, is my day where I do nothing. there is no major push for productivity or tasks, I just prefer to relax and reflect on the previous week. Sometimes I choose to get some tasks done in the morning, but every week I try and dedicate the afternoon to self-care and resetting for the week ahead. Obviously, I don’t do this every week but when I do, I really notice a difference in my mood, which is always great. I just love taking Sundays as my day to reflect, reset and relax, days like this are essential to my mental health. Here I am going to share with you the main steps in my Sunday reset routine, I’ve included a printable checklist for you to try it too!

First section: clean. I don’t just mean physical; you need a clean mental slate to reset for the next week as well. I start off with cleaning and tidying my room, putting everything back where it should be, because you don’t want to start off the new week with a messy room! I then love having a bath, doing a hair mask or facemask- classic self-care activities! Another thing I love doing for this section is going through my camera roll and deleting any unneeded screenshots or photos. I find whenever I don’t do this my camera roll gets so clogged and messy, and I can’t find photos when I need them. At the end of the week, I always have accumulated so many pointless screenshots and it’s very satisfying to delete them all and keep the camera roll neat.

Next up is clarity. The best way to start a new week is with a clear mind and a plan for the week ahead. My first step is a brain dump. I would say this is an essential step for sure. Write down all tasks, all to dos and random ideas for the week, literally anything you can think of- write it down. This way you can see all potential tasks ahead of you and allocate them to days. By writing them down it allows you to see which tasks are the most important and which to prioritise, as well as those little to do’s you would probably forget without this brain dump task. Once you’ve planned all the things you need to get done for the week ahead, grab your journal to reflect on the past week. I love doing this quick simple exercise to finish the week before, reflecting and reviewing, helping me set my priorities and intentions. If you don’t know where to start, then answer these three simple questions:

  1. What was my highlight of the last week?
  2. What problems did I come across, could I have delt with them differently?
  3. How do I want next week to feel- what is my main intention?

For a full reset you could add in some meditation to clear your mind before completing these prompts in your journal!

My last step is refresh! This stage is all about preparing yourself mentally and energetically. Firstly, I turn off my phone! I really limit my social media on Sunday and I do actually see a difference in how much more present and awake I feel. Its obviously harder than it sounds but once I force myself to do it, I forget about it within a few hours. I start with some yoga, most likely Yoga with Adriene (my favourite) or Yoga with Kassandra if I want a shorter practice. I always forget how great yoga makes me feel until I get back into it and feel myself relax and my mood shoot up. Although I cannot claim to do this every Sunday, another idea I enjoy is using my Sundays to create something. This could be drawing, colouring, baking or even dancing! I don’t tend to prioritise creativity in my life so blocking some time out to create something each week is something really different, but therapeutic for me.

That’s the basics of my weekly reset routine! I find this makes my weeks so much more productive as i end up starting them off on a good note after my reset the day before. I’ve included a printable below for you to download, to check off each step and give you additional ideas.

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